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Best Shampoo ever without any chemicals

I have their shampoo and conditioner and so far the best! I have been using it for past 20 days and my hair is so much better without any chemicals.
Best part is these are US made and free of any sulphates and paraben. I would highly recommend!

Outstanding product pleasant smell and works!!!

This formula works !!! will re-order for peace of mind

Smells Great

The shampoo and conditioner smell great, I just wish the conditioner were a little more moisturizing,,,for a poodle. I’m sure it’s fine for other breeds.

Smells Great

The products smell great, fresh, I just wish the conditioner was a little more moisturizing for my poodle. It’s probably perfect for most other dogs.

The best stuff

Love this stuff

Great products for people with allergies/skin sensitivities

I switched to TotLogic products over 10 years ago after developing eczema from the other hair products I had been using for years. They have great products and great customer service, and I've never looked back. Thank you!

My dog looks and smells great

I’ve been getting compliments on my dogs coat since I began using this every two weeks. She looks shiny and beautiful. It also does help deoderize. I am careful about exposing my baby to unhealthy and irritating chemicals, and I feel good about using this product on her.

Good Smell, Good Results

Used this on my goldendoodle this weekend. She was super dirty from playing in the rain. this was a great shampoo and left her with soft, clean hair.


Great Smeall

Lovely Scent

Being a professional groomer, I always like to try new products and this one didn't disappoint. Great scent and works like a charm on my nervous furry customers.

Works great, smells amazing

I have a Maltipoo puppy and would definitely recommend this for similar breeds. The shampoo works great and left her coat clean and smelling great. Her little curls were extra soft and moisturized after her bath.

Works good

No issues. Seems to work well


Just left the bottle by the front door and every time my dog comes into the house, I spray him. Like the BarkLogic shampoo, he just stands there and seems to never want me to stop spraying him. And I guess the best part is it is natural, smells great, and can be used numerous times a day.

Will buy again!

Smells great, long lasting scent.

Using all natural

I liked it ,wish it would have left my Layla Skittle more soft

Looking forward to using

Can't comment on the feel of it or how it performs as i have not used it. But I needed a vegan product as I have allergies to animal derived ingredients. I was pleased with the delivery. Product arrived well packaged. No leaking and bottle was completely sealed. I opened it and was pleased with the hints of lavender. Looking forward to using it for my dog.

Smells good!

I actually really like this product! Dog shampoo and conditioner usually smells a little bad on the back end, but this is really nice and you can definitely smell the lavender.

Wonderful product,

We have used this product for quite some time, will continue to do so, it really does as advertised, a wonderful conditioner and my dogs feel so calm after I use it on them. There is such a gentle scent with it that it is almost un-noticeable, I think my nose seeks it out as it is so pleasant, my dogs love the feeling of skin softness, no scratching, just comfort. Their coats also look great as a result.


Nice scent, keeps poodle hair soft.


Love this product. My dog has never felt softer. I even tried it on my own hair, and loved how it felt.

Even our groomer loves this

We've used this Barklogic shampoo/conditioner on both our two pitties for at least 4 years now. Smells great and the pups smell great after their baths. Even our groomer loves this product.

Catherine's real review.

I have been using Lice Logic for about 10 years...bought thru Walmart and EBay.
It is great for other pests. The smell is peppermint, and very bearable. Will always use it.


My dog has sensitive skin and of course he’s a lil stinky butt. I gave this shampoo and try and def will say it cleaned him up very good and it smells great. The scent isn’t to overpowering like most products and def didn’t irritate his skin.