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Love ❤️ it

My dog has allergies, and i have tried many different conditioners. This conditioner really works and helps with his itchy skin.

Great product!

My daughter’s hair gets very matted and tangled and brushing her hair is always quite the chore. This product works so well at detangling her hair that brushing no longer is a tearful experience. It’s lightweight and not overly scented, which are two qualities I look for in hair products. Will definitely but again!

Helps with tangles

Nice big bottle! I actually like the smell, even though it’s a bit strong at first.
I spray my thin, long hair from about the nape down and a light spray on top while it’s wet. Then start at the bottom to get the tangled out. This leave in spray helps a lot with the tangles.
My hair does not feel weighed down or oily after it’s dry, I actually think it gives me a little body.

I use this on my 3a curls

Love everything about this. I use in place of a conditioner in the shower.

Salon quality!

I absolutely love this shampoo! Although it isn’t the best value, it smells amazing and is really great quality. It leaves my hair feeling clean, suds well enough, and really feels healthy for my hair. Love it!

Amazing product

I received in the mail today and gave my dog a bath and it smell so good. I would recommend

Love the scent

The scent of this oil is so amazing. It lasts all day and leaves my hair shiny and soft. There is one thing I don't like about this oil and that is the consistency. It is very runny, almost watery. When I squeeze it out of the bottle my hand usually has a puddle on it. Consistency aside, I still love the oil for how well it works and its amazing scent.

Tangles Be Gone!

TotLogic takes tangles out easily. It has a soothing scent.

Works great

For me, this really helped detangle my dog’s fur. We were having a hard time finding something that worked for him, but this works great! It leaves him feeling soft and fluffy! Its scent isn't overbearing either. I got the lavender scented one—and it seems to actually calm him down like it claims to. Overall very happy with it and will be getting more when I run out!

Great dog shampoo

Nice scent, lathers well and rinses out easily

Buen producto

Para mi mascota le queda my suave y le relaja cuando tiene mucha anciedad

Great as a heat protectant

I've been using this on the regular for over a month now, especially if I am going to straighten my hair. I love the smell of this oil and found that it didn't leave my hair feeling greasy or anything.

I like how this is a very versatile hair oil: It can be used as a pre-wash, a deep conditioner, as pre-styling oil or post styling oil. I usually used it as a pre-styling oil; but, did try it out as a deep conditioner and I am sold. I like that it was sulfate free and didn't weigh down my hair.

At about $35 a bottle, I thought it did give me my "bang" for my buck.

Great product and works great!

The product works great, the dogs hair was really soft and smelled nice.

great product


Easier and Better than making my own...

I had been making my own detangler using EO and aloe vera, but I'm a working mom and I just wanted more time with my kids between all my projects. This product is affordable and everything I need in a detangler for my kids! I've also found that my daughters hair stays knot free for longer, so less brushing and struggling throughout the day.

The scent is not overpowering at all.

Very happy with the product. It has been helpful and not overpowering with scent.

perfect for my dogs

It has a perfect scent and the hair of my dogs shines

Got rid of lice in my clothes

I like this stuff

Clean and skin friendly

I love the product. It smells wonderful and managed to tame my terriers wire curls ?? definitely recommend

Love it

This shampoo smells so good while leaving my furry sister’s fur super soft. It cleans very well, even when used as a bubble bath. The fact that this shampoo is vegan is what sold me - It’s so unnecessary to exploit other animals to take care of another, so I’m thankful for this product. This shampoo is awesome!!!

Takes out knots!!!

This is a great product really takes out the tangles and knots from my dog!!!

Great products!

The lavender scent is amazing. It leaves hair soft and healthy looking. My daughter's class has a lice outbreak and she is still lice free!

You have KIDS, Pre-Schoolers, you need this...

OKAY, I told you the story of my 5 year old granddaughter and the Head Lice she picked up in School, well, let me add this Shampoo to my arsenal of products we used to take control of the situation. EVERYONE in the family used it, I even washed my body with it, (I'm a Hairy Guy) and I was not going to take the chance of missing a spot. This product was a winner with the family, especially the little one who had her hair washed Multiple Times... I still love her, with or without Lice...

Love this

So happy with this!! My two year olds hair is curly and tangles bad. I had tried another spray but it made her hair greasy and didn’t make combing any easier. I wasn’t going to try again but gave this a shot and love it!!! Makes combing much easier and dried as if I hadn’t used it.. At least on my daughters hair. Thank you for this product!!

Works well

Nice leave in that smells good and works.