Jill's BarkLogic Story

After developing LiceLogic and BedbugLogic, I received many inquiries from customers asking if we had any natural products for their pet's tick and flea issues. As a pet lover and owner, I was also concerned about the pesticides people put on their pets to help control ticks and fleas. During my childhood, I experienced the loss of a beloved family pet to cancer. Another developed a large tumor and subsequently died. I strongly believe that, if these dogs were not regularly exposed to pesticides for such a prolonged time, they could have lived healthier and longer lives.

I also became concerned about the fact that the pesticides applied to pets topically were transferable to children's hands and bodies. I created BarkLogic out of a need for a natural and non-toxic way to control ticks and fleas on a regular basis. I don’t feel guilty when I spray or wash my pet because I know all BarkLogic products are pesticide-free, safe and effective.

There are no miracle cures for ticks and fleas. No matter what product you choose, ongoing maintenance is key. You can safely use BarkLogic products as often as needed!