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LiceLogic Clear & Free Lice Eliminator Kit - Get The Full Treatment!

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Treatment Kit
Save On The Complete Natural Head Lice Treatment Kit
  • #1 Natural Formula To Safely and Effectively Kill All Lice & Nits. Guaranteed!
  • The 1st Choice of Pediatricians and Lice Professionals To Safely Kill All Lice & Nits In Seconds.


LiceLogic Clear & Free Lice Eliminator Kit is everything needed to get rid of lice now safely and naturally. LiceLogic is lice expert approved, independently tested by the leading lice expert in the country, and enzyme based so it is safe for daily use.

Our Complete LiceLogic Treatment Kit is the most effective and immediate way to get rid of headlice and nits from the hair. Our pesticide free lice kit contains everything you need for effective and safe lice treatment and nit removal.

Is this everything I need?

Each kit is family size and contains approximately 16 treatments (depending on the length and thickness of hair for the Shampoo & Nit Spray, and size of the home regarding the Household Spray.)

What if I need to get it right away

LiceLogic Clear & Free Lice Eliminator Kit is the perfect addition to your medicine chest. Be prepared for a lice infestation with our non-toxic and safe lice fighting kit and has a minimum of 2 years shelf-life.


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How to Use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jeanette Green

This formula works !!! will re-order for peace of mind

Joel Emery
I like that this stuff actually works

I like that this stuff actually works! We spent weeks trying one thing after another. It was so satisfying to see dead lice coming out of our hair even there weren't very many. I don't know what people were talking about when they said they had to use 1/2 the bottle for 1 treatment. Not sure it would last 16 but certainly enough to get the job done. Make sure you follow the directions you see online. The bottle says to let sit for 15mins. but the instructions online say to rub it in for 15 and then let it sit for 15 mins. The shampoo loosened the nits so they came out but the spray is what really loosened them so they slid right off. I didn't like that the shampoo had to sit in my hair for half an hour every treatment and it is expensive but I guess it's a small price to pay to get rid of our unwanted guests once and for all.

Julia Meyerson
Amazing products. No more lice and safe to use without Pesticides!

For the past year i have been using these products to treat lice on my children. It does exactly what it's suppose to do, treat and prevent lice. This is an amazing product and i will recommend it anytime to anyone who want to treat lice and do not have it come back.I have tried other products before but could not get rid of the lice, my children's scalp kept itching and burning. Other products cannot be compare to LiceLogic.

Reasonable price, effective product and great outcome!!!!!

Effective treatment for lice!

I purchased this kit to treat several lice infested little ones. My advice is to follow the directions to a T, and it will work very well. Do not take short cuts, because there are not any to be had, and do the lice and lice egg comb outs carefully. They take a lot of time, sometimes hours per person if hair is long and thick, so an enormous dose of patience is key. Nice scent. Products are easy to use. Had enough to treat my whole family several times.

Robert Stanford
Worked as intended.

This product worked perfectly, thank you!