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January 26, 2021
LiceLogic Clear & Free Shampoo – Peppermint
January 26, 2021

LiceLogic Clear & Free Hair Nit Spray – Peppermint

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Elimination spray

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  • Lice Spray To Safely and Naturally Get Rid Of Lice & Nits The Non-Toxic Way
  • Pediatrician And Lice Expert Approved
  • Formulated with LiceZyme TM, Our Proprietary Enzyme Made With Natural Ingredients Proven To Quickly Destroy Lice, Nits And Super Lice Naturally.

Our LiceLogic Clear & Free Hair Nit and Lice is non-toxic and destroys lice and their eggs on contact to safely get rid of head lice and nits the natural way.

LiceLogic Clear & Free Hair Nit Spray is made from natural ingredients and infused with our proprietary natural enzyme LiceZyme TM, which is gentle on the hair and scalp, yet lethal to lice and nits. Our lice treatment spray can be used as often as needed to get rid of lice infestation the pesticide- free way, and is the perfect headlice spray easily target and spot treat areas where there is a high concentration of nits, with an easy to use spray on application.

LiceZyme TM is independently tested and proven to kill lice and lice eggs in all stages of development on contact. LiceLogic is lice expert approved and is used by professional lice treatment specialists all over the world. It is also a trusted and natural favorite among parents battling head lice, and is recommended by pediatricians and school nurses.

How is this different than the LiceLogic Clear & Free Shampoo? And do I need both?

This product is different because it is sprayed onto the head. You do not need both products, but many people find both products to be useful when used together for treating lice, especially a heavy headlice infestation that requires daily maintenance.

This is a lice and nit treatment spray and is easily applied to dry hair by spraying directly onto the scalp, and the hair closest to the scalp, and by then working the product down the entire length of the hair shaft manually. It is also effective when applying to damp or wet hair, but applying to dry hair is easiest, quickest, and can be done virtually anywhere, as often as needed. This lice spray does not need to be rinsed out of the hair and you can do your lice comb out with the product still in the hair. Nit combing is required, and we recommend using our LiceLogic Clear & Free Eliminator Nit Comb, which is recognized worldwide as the best lice comb on the market today.

How should I use LiceLogic Clear & Free Hair Nit Spray?

You can use this lice and nit spray to treat head lice on its’ own, as described above, and you can also use this as a spot treatment to target areas of the hair and scalp with a high concentration of nits; which are often found in small clusters towards  the front of the head, behind the ears, and nape of neck. Anywhere you find nits, give them a quick spray. This will stop them from going on to hatch into baby lice, also called nymphs.

  • Our lice spray is safe for daily and repeat use because it does not contain pesticides, parabens, DEA, PEG, or artificial colors or fragrances.
  • LiceLogic Clear & Free Hair Nit Spray is easy and simple to use to get rid of head lice infestation the natural way and is gentle on the hair and scalp.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Proprietary Enzyme Blend, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Saccharomyces Lysate Extract, Citric Acid, Polysorbate-20, Mentha Piperita Oil (Peppermint Essential Oil).

How To Use & Additional Info

Watch Our How-To Treat and Prevent Lice Videos

Remove cap and spritz generously on dry, damp, or wet hair starting at the scalp. Massage into entire scalp, hair, including nape of neck, and behind ears. Then comb through entire head of hair with a regular comb or brush to remove tangles, then divide the hair into 4 sections before starting the nit combing process. Nit Comb daily until hair and scalp are lice and nit free. Can be left in the hair or rinsed out.
For best results use after LiceLogic Clear & Free Shampoo, and LiceLogic Eliminator Nit Comb to maintain a clean and lice free head of hair and scalp.

To hear from experts and learn the best lice removal techniques, please visit our Learn about Lice section for a wide assortment of helpful and informative videos, downloadable instructions, and expertise on how to use LiceLogic Clear & Free Hair Nit Spray and How to do a thorough comb-out.

LiceLogic products are phthalate-free, DEA & PEG free, paraben-free, methylisothiazolinone & benzisothiazolinone free, and do not contain artificial colors or fragrances.
LiceLogic products are eco-friendly, biodegradable, have never been tested on animals, PETA approved and vegan, and are proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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26 reviews for LiceLogic Clear & Free Hair Nit Spray – Peppermint

  1. Nicole

    I got the spray because my sister had gotten head lice and I was terrified that the lice would find their way to my head – I bought some for her and I and not only has the spray successfully deterred lice, but it smells amazing AND helps my hair hold its style!

  2. T. Smith

    When used in conjunction with LiceLogic Shampoo, this natural, non-toxic product safely eliminates lice and re-infestation. A recurring infestation of lice plagued my child’s classroom for months. Unlike other families who had to treat multiple times, we only had to deal with the problem once. We used LiceLogic Shampoo initially, then followed up with the Hair Nit Spray regularly. Why use chemical pesticides on your children when there is a natural and effective alternative.

  3. B. Arrieta

    We suffered with lice for 4 months, using Nix, bombing the house, washing and vacuuming just about everything, nothing worked. I ordered this product along with the shampoo and house spray, an no more lice after 2 weeks! highly recommended. And they are all natural products!! Thank you Logic Product Group

  4. jfajardo

    I needed so that I did not get lice again between cleaning of my hair. I loved it. I don’t know if it made that much of a difference. But it made my hair smell nice and it worked as a hair mousse. The consistency was like putting mousse on my hair. I kept using it after my treatment was complete. I work at a public school so I’ll keep using it. i love the smell of peppermint.

  5. homeschoolmom2009

    Very pleasant smell. I bought this after my child got lice at a friends house. The products sold in the stores are full of neuro toxins and harmful chemicals. These products are all natural. I combined these shampoos, and sprays with the nit-terminator comb also found on Amazon and the Calaphan Lotion method. You can google it. It’s time consuming but well worth it. Got rid of Lice and didn’t harm my child. I researched and researched this products claims that it kills nits and couldn’t find where that was true or backed by science. It does contain Tea Tree Oil which lice hate. Over all I’m happy with the product but combined it with other methods to get rid of lice completely. The Calaphan Lotion method goes into why and how it works which made me feel confident we got all the lice out.

  6. McConsumer

    This nit spray can be used as a treatment and prevention spray so to my surprise it is really 2 products in 1. Everyone at home loves the smell- smells like peppermint candy according to my youngest- but to get to the point here, the formula has killed the nits I found in my childrenÕs hair. I can tell because they did not continue to grown in size or hatch (they still need to be combed out anyway because who wants to have nits in their hair.) The nits are always the worst to deal with so this product has given me peace of mind and has shortened our lice comb out treatments immensely. Also good to spritz the kids before they head out of the house to their school and activities. My son loves the way it adds texture to his haircut too. So one could say it is really a 3 in 1 product due to itsÕ extra styling benefit. I will continue to purchase this product and use year round and probably at summer camp time.

  7. Carly S.

    I use this daily in my house. Smells great & does the job!

  8. cynthia mcqueen

    Has worked great and my daughters love the way it smells!

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