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The 411 & logic on head lice

The 411 & logic on head lice

We get calls all of the time from worried parents with questions about lice and how to get rid of it. So we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of the most commonly asked questions. If you do not see your question answered below please contact us at We love hearing from fellow parents and are always here to help!

1.) Can head lice fly?
No. Lice do not have wings.

2.) Can lice jump from person to person?
No. Lice cannot hop or jump. They can only crawl, quite quickly in fact!

3.) Can head lice burrow into bedding and furniture?
No. While lice can fall off the head and lurk around waiting for another human host, the do not burrow into furniture and bedding.

4.) Can lice live for weeks off the human head?
No. HeadLice need the warmth of the human scalp to survive. They can only survive 24-48 hours at the most off the human head.

5.) Can my dog get lice from my kids:
No. Dogs have their own type of lice. Lice are species specific, meaning that each species has their own kind of lice.

6.) If one of my kids has lice does that mean that all of my children and family members have lice infestation too?
No. Although lice is highly contagious and spreads easily, it does not mean that all of your children, and entire family, have lice. Do a lice check on each member of your household, including caregivers to see who needs lice treatment.

7.) To get rid of lice, Can I just wash the infested person’s hair with a lice shampoo and the lice will be gone?
No. Getting rid of lice is a multi-step process. Nit combing is necessary because even when the lice are dead, they will still cling to the hair.

8.) To get rid of nits, which are the lice eggs, can I use a lice treatment shampoo to wash them away?
No. Nits are glued into the hair and need to be removed manually with nit combing. They will not wash away with a lice shampoo.

9.) Can I use just any nit comb I get my hands on? or should I use the plastic one that is inlcuded in the OTC lice treatment package I purchased?
No. The cheap plastic lice and nit combs that come in the OTC lice treatment boxes are usually cheap and ineffective. It is best to buy a durable nit comb with stainless steel teeth that are close together and do not bend. A good nit comb is reusable and will be effective for lice and nit removal for years to come. A good nit comb is also highly effective for doing lice checks on a weekly basis and as needed.

10.) Are all lice treatments the same? And should I just pick up the first one I find?
No. It is best to do your research as not all lice treaments are created equal. In fact there are 3 different categories, and you will want to choose carefully so you find the one that meets your family’s safety and effficacy expectations.

11.) What are the 3 main categories of lice remedies available?
There are 3 main types of lice treatment options you can use to get rid of lice.
1) Over the Counter (OTC) lice shampoos, lotions, and sprays like Nix and Rid that have permethrin in them, which is an insecticide in the pyrethroid family.
2) Prescription based lice treatments you get from a doctor, which also contain insecticides
3) Natural lice products such as shampoos and sprays that are non-toxic and are plant enzyme based.

12.) If my family gets lice can I find all 3 of these lice treatment options in stores near me?
No, you cannot. You can most easily find Over the Counter lice remedies in pharmacies, drugstores, Target, Walmart, and CVS. The prescription based lice treatments that contain pesticides like Ivermectin, Spinosad and Malathion are prescribed by your pediatrician and require a pick up at the pharmacy, and the natural lice solutions, which are non-toxic and enzyme based head lice shampoos and sprays, are mostly sold online, and rarely found on store shelves.

13.) Are Natural lice and nit elimination products as effective as OTC and prescription lice treatments?
Yes. Natural enzyme based lice treatment products can be the most effective out of the three categories. This is because over the years, human head lice, scientifically known as Pediculus Humanis Capitis, have mutated and become resistant to traditional lice killing pesticides.This phenomenon of pesticide resistance found in headlice has been documneted by entomoligists, scientists and lice experts around the globe. So it is the natural lice products that are the most effective since lice cannot become immune to natural enzymes found in nature. These natural lice treatments can also be used daily, or as often as needed, until all the lice and nits are gone.

14.) What is the best way to be prepared in case my child brings home lice?
We suggest keeping a lice kit in your medicine cabinet so you are well prepared. Just like Band- aids and Neosporen in case of a cut, a comprehensive lice treatment kit is a must have for every mom with kids in school and camp.

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