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Adopt a Dog Month

Adopt a Dog Month

There seems to be a day or a month for celebrating something all the time. For example, last month there was National Hamburger Day and National French Fry Day. Does anybody really celebrate those? Maybe, maybe not, but there are plenty of other "national" days and months that people do celebrate. October just happens to be National Adopt a Dog Month, and we couldn't agree more that it's a noble cause and a worthy month to celebrate!

What Exactly Is Adopt a Dog Month?

So glad you asked! This is the month where thousands of animal shelters promote the adoption of the available dogs they are sheltering and caring for. All these wonderful dogs need a good home. Otherwise, they remain in the shelter, until someone decides to adopt them. If you have thought about getting a puppy or dog recently (and who in the last year and a half hasn't!), you can consider doing your part this October by finding your future canine buddy at a shelter and bringing him or her home. These dogs and puppies are so eager to find their forever homes and will be forever grateful to you for becoming their pet parent. 

If You Can't Bring Home a Furry Friend, You Can Still Help Out

Sometimes it isn't feasible to adopt a dog, even when you really want to. Maybe your apartment building or landlord doesn't allow it, or maybe there are other reasons like frequent and prolonged travels for work, where you will be away from your home for an extended period of time. Whatever the reason, you can still help support animal shelters by making a monetary donation. You can also help spread the word about Dog Adoption Month and puppy adoption events by telling your friends, family, and co-workers about Adopt a Dog events at nearby dog shelters.

Become a Foster Parent

Maybe you aren't sure what kind of dog to adopt, or whether or not a full-time family dog is right for you. You can help shelters by volunteering to become a foster parent for dogs! This is an especially sweet arrangement as you help dogs transition back into homes with families, and you get to see if adopting a dog is right for you, as well as the opportunity to learn about what kind of dog would fit best in your home. Becoming a foster home for dogs requires some paperwork, a background check, and a visit by shelter staff to make sure your home is safe for pups of all ages to reside in temporarily. Once approved, you can take on one or more dogs at a time to foster and even train. When someone applies to adopt one of your fosters, the dog goes back to the shelter to go to a "furrever" home.
Finally, one other way you can help this October is by donating your time and resources to feeding and spending time with the dogs, of all ages, breeds, and sizes, at the shelter. Sit down for a few words with the shelter director about becoming a volunteer. Volunteers clean kennels, walk dogs, play with dogs, etc. You can have all the fun of being a dog owner without the responsibility of having a dog to care for at home while you are away.

Products You Will Need to Adopt a Dog and Products You Can Donate to the Shelter

Dogs need as much care as humans. Besides food and water, dogs need bath products, toys, grooming products, pet stain removal products, and urine and odor control sprays. If you adopt a shelter dog, you will need all of the above products to care for your pooch. If you volunteer time or resources at a shelter, the shelter can use these products as well. Some of the best products for all of the above can be found at BarkLogic. We happily promote National Adopt a Dog Month by supporting and donating to shelters and pet owners around the country. Our pet care products are made with natural ingredients, are puppy and child-safe, and are Vegan and Cruelty-Free. All BarkLogic products are manufactured here in the U.S.A. using the highest quality domestically and globally sourced ingredients.

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