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BedbugLogic Protection & Treatment Kit


Protect yourself and your family. Clinically proven to destroy bedbugs within seconds of contact, our BedbugLogic Protection & Treatment Spray Kit combines natural, biodegradable enzymes with the highest quality blend of essential oils to safely eliminate bedbugs without leaving any residue harmful to humans, animals, or the planet.

  • Independently scientifically proven to knockdown 100% of bed in seconds*
  • Conclusively renders 96% of bedbugs dead or moribund after two sprays*
  • 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly bedbug spray, made in U.S.A, leaves no harmful residue to humans but deadly for bedbugs


  • BedbugLogic Protection & Treatment Spray 2oz
  • BedbugLogic Protection & Treatment Spray 8oz
  • BedbugLogic Protection & Treatment Spray 24oz
  • BedbugLogic Protection & Treatment Spray 32oz

Bottled in an FDA-registered facility


Natural enzyme cleaners derived from organic sources including cellulase, amylase, protease, lipase, Sodium Chloride, FDA-approved essential oil blend (Gras), and filtered and purified water. Available in Cedar scent