Meet Logic Product’s Management & Board of Directors

Jill Taft

CEO & Board Member

Jill is the founder and creator of the Logic Products brands and works closely with a leading green chemist to formulate all our eco-friendly and non-toxic products. Jill also manages the production schedule, runs point on sourcing packaging and raw ingredients, and manages our company’s “do good by giving back” initiative. Jill is also not afraid to roll up her sleeves and can often be found in our warehouse packaging products and stacking orders on pallets to ship out the door.

Joel Roodman

Managing Partner / Board Member

Whether he is working with our latest distribution marketplace retailer or handling marketing or business development operations, Joel is usually focused on planning operational activities with the Logic Products team and serving as point person to our investors and external corporate partners. While not formally in his job description, Joel also happens to be Jill’s spouse and provides tech support around the office while making sure the water cooler is always full.

Newlin Wilkins

Head of Finance & Operations

Newlin is our ‘numbers guy’ and go-to guru of all things operational. Anything – and everything – from financials to corporate planning and forecasting, right through to business development and investor relations. He is the calm, chill, and quiet wizard behind the scenes we can always count on.

Grant Long

Advisor, Head of Consumer Engagement

With deep experience in the creator economy, social media, mobile messaging, and digital commerce in both the USA and Asia, Grant is the key point person at Logic Products who develops all our consumer engagement programs for the company. A new addition to our growing Logic team, we’re thrilled to have a groovy Berkeley dude add his California perspective to our natural products company.

Kenneth Ross

Logic Products Board Chairman

With numerous successful exits in the consumer product goods space and having held C-Suite positions with FoodChain ID (CEO), PackageNet (CEO) and Atrium Information Group (President), to name a few, not only is Ken an investor in Logic Products but he is (arguably) a much better pickleball player than Joel. He is also he co-founder of the Non-GMO project that originated right here in Fairfield, Iowa.

Jay Walkingshaw

Logic Products Board Member

With more than 30 years of experience in high growth companies, Jay has served as a senior executive and CFO for major corporations such as Sony, Columbia Tri-Star and HBO and was Logic Products first angel investor.

Corporate Structure

Logic Product Group LLC is a privately held company with investments by Founder Jill Taft, along with Managing Partner Joel Roodman, Board Chairman Kenneth Ross and Board Member Jay Walkingshaw as well as Grant Long, and Etsy angel investors Spencer & Judson Ain.