A Surprise Bed Bug Attack!

BedbugLogic - Safe & Natural Spray For Bedbug Treatment & Bed Bug Prevention

I created BedbugLogic a year after LiceLogic was introduced to the marketplace. During my lice research, I came across a lot of information about bedbugs. It became clear that bedbugs were back with a vengeance. 

Bed bugs have become a huge problem for families all over the country. Wherever there is a large circulation of people, bed bugs are likely to be lurking. I had many LiceLogic customers ask me if I planned to make anything for bedbugs. I didn’t even want to think about bedbugs, but then it all changed: my family and I rented a summerhouse that turned out to be infested with bedbugs. 
I could not believe it when we discovered the origin of the strange welts we had on our bodies! After inspecting the bedrooms, I found these bloodsuckers on the mattresses and ensconced in the dust ruffles on the beds. It was a horrific discovery. After suffering close to one hundred bites all over my body, I was very worried that my family may have transported bedbugs back to our apartment in New York City unknowingly. I was unprepared to deal with a bedbug attack. Honestly, who could imagine that this would actually happen to their family?
I immediately got to work formulating BedbugLogic. I wanted to have a safe and non-toxic bed bug spray that could be used year-round anywhere in the home or while traveling. I am beyond relieved to report that we did not transport bedbugs back to our apartment in New York City. We continue to take precautions and use BedbugLogic - our natural bedbug spray - as part of our regular routine at home and on the road.
Reports of bedbug activity and bed bug outbreaks are on the rise. Bedbugs have become immune to many pesticide treatments. Using BedbugLogic gives my family and I peace of mind knowing that we prevent bedbugs in our living environment safely and effectively without pesticides. I have had BedbugLogic independently tested and am happy to report that it does what it promises: it destroys bedbugs on contact before they have the opportunity to make themselves at home in your life.