Disinfecting Your Home After a Lice Infestation


Disinfecting Your Home After a Lice Infestation 

Your home will need to be carefully cleaned and disinfected in order to rid the premises of head lice.  Head lice can fall off the head and hair and survive for a period of time without a human host.  Head lice can hide and survive in clothing, such as the hood of a coat, a hat, a scarf, in bedding, mattresses, carpets, pillows, stuffed animals, and plush toys like teddy bears just waiting to find a new home in a fluffy head of hair.  We hate to say it but head lice can be anywhere an infested person has been so that is why it is necessary to disinfect your home properly during a bout with lice, especially areas where children sleep.

  • Remove the pillows, duvet, quilt, blankets etc. and place in plastic bag. Carefully take out the items and place in a dryer on high heat for 45 minutes. Keep all the items that do not fit in the dryer in a sealed plastic bag until the others are finished and these can be placed in the dryer.
  • Vacuum the mattresses and pay special attention to the seams and creases, especially the area where the head has been.
  • Spray the mattress and the bed frame with LiceLogic Clear & Free
    All Purpose Lice Spray
  • Vacuum the floor and carpets in the bedrooms and throughout the entire house.
  • Mop all floors with warm water and your favorite natural floor cleaner.
  • Place any clothing such as coats, scarves, mittens, and sweaters in a dryer on high heat.
  • Vacuum all plush furniture well - remove cushions and vacuum both sides, underneath cushions, armrests, and spray with LiceLogic Clear & Free
    All Purpose Lice Spray
    , which will destroy any stray lice and nits on contact.
  • Collect any clothing, including coats, scarves, sweaters etc. that have been hanging next to, or stored next to possible infested clothing. Example: if your child’s coat hangs on a hook next to other coats (including yours) then they all will need to be placed in sealed plastic bags until they can be cleaned. Head lice crawl from coat to coat and that is one of the reasons why they spread so quickly in classrooms. Pay special attention to scarves and hats.
  • Place plush toys that may have come into contact with lice in the dryer on high heat for 30-45 minutes or place into a plastic bag and seal for 48-72 hours. Please note head lice cannot survive very long off of the head, as they need the heat of the scalp and a host, so this is simply a precaution which may not even be necessary.
  • Collect all hairbrushes, and combs, including hair accessories, elastics, headbands etc. Soak them in a mixture of hot water and LiceLogic Clear & Free Treatment Shampoo for an hour. Clean thoroughly by removing any hair and debris.
  • Wipe down the seats in your car with a damp, warm cloth. Pay special attention to the headrests. If possible vacuum all seats in the car.
  • Spray LiceLogic Clear & Free
    All Purpose Lice Spray
     on any surface. It is safe, will not leave a toxic residue, does not stain, has no toxic fumes, and can be used daily. It smells great too!

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