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BarkLogic Calming 2 Piece Product Kit – Calming Shampoo Plus Calming Conditioner



Calming Kit

Our 2 Piece Calming Lavender Grooming Kit is sulfate free and made with natural ingredients, including calming Lavender Essential Oil which is known to relieve stress and provide a relaxing bath time experience for dogs and puppies of all breeds and sizes, as well as their care giving humans.

  • BarkLogic Calming Shampoo for dogs and puppies is infused with Natural Lavender Essential Oil to gently cleanse, soothe nerves, and calm nervous dogs and puppies.
  • BarkLogic Calming Lavender Dog Conditioner relieves anxiety, conditions coat, and helps detangle dog fur, while adding luster and shine, and rinses away easily.

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How to Use

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