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LiceLogic Repel Kit - Rosemary Mint - The Triple Shield Effect!

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Prevention Kit

Save On The Best Selling Year-Round Lice Protection for Children.

Get The Triple Shield Effect in Rosemary Mint Which Includes:

Our highly rated and independently tested LiceLogic Lice Repel Kit made with natural Rosmary Mint essential oils and plant based enzymes, is everything needed to help protect against, repel, and prevent picking up head lice at school, camp, and on your travels.
Our safe and non-toxic LiceLogic Repel Kit is a must have for any parent with school age children and consists of our three effective LiceLogic lice repel products.


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Customer Reviews

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Toni Pearson
Love the smell and the lack of pesticides.

After struggling to overcome a bad lice outbreak with my 3 kids, I was all about trying to find things to help. I have hopefully knocked out the lice issue but I'm hoping to keep them away for good. My kids start school in a couple of weeks so I got this product at the perfect time. I won't know how well it works until then and I will update accordingly, but I will go on to say that this stuff has a great smell. Not strong like other sprays can be and I don't have to worry about pesticides or other bad things being in my children's heads.


my little niece had lice a few weeks ago. With Prime, i got it the next day which is AWESOME.
i combed her hair with lice comb. then she would use this shampoo to wash her hair everyday. she was lice-free after the 4th day. the number of lice was significantly reduced after the first day of use.

Robert Bishop
Nice scent. So far no lice despite exposure

My wife is a teacher and I have 2 kids in school. For some reason they are paranoid about catching lice ever since a lice "outbreak" at one of the local schools. They use this spray and really enjoy the scent. They've never had lice despite being exposed to them on a few occasions so I guess we can assume it works.

Doreen T.
Thank heavens for LiceLogic!

Sadly my daughter got lice two times two years ago in kindergarten. I tried every product from the pharmacy but nothing worked. I researched LiceLogic and liked what I read. I bought the shampoo, conditioner and spray. Within a week of using the three items, her very thick & long hair was lice free. I spray her hair with the lice spray every day. It smells pretty and she has been lice free since kindergarten. SheÕs now in second grade. I highly recommend LiceLogic products.

Sally Cavis
green and good

I purchased the prevention shampoo for my daughter in college. She never had lice as a child so I had no experience to pull from, nor did she. I found these products on amazon.com and ordered them for her hoping they would arrive fast, before the problem spread to the entire dorm. My daughter said the experience using the shampoo was actually pleasant and the shampoo was highly effective along with the nit comb too.