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LiceLogic Lice Prevention Shampoo and Conditioner - Rosemary Mint - Protect Your Your Family!


Prevention Kit

Save and keep the lice at bay with our Double Shield Effect in Rosemary Mint


Our highly rated and independently tested LiceLogic Lice Repel Kit made with natural Rosemary and Mint essential oils and plant based enzymes, is everything needed to help protect against,repel, and prevent picking up headlice at school, camp, and on your travels.

Our safe and non-toxic LiceLogic Repel Kit is a must have for any parent with school age children and consists of two of best everyday products to keep lice away.


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How to Use

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Customer Reviews

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Logic Customer
Great smell and most importantly, a great way to keep lice away from the family!

This is a great product. I don’t use it on a daily basis on the kids in order not to dry their hair off even though the producer claims it won’t. Kids have been exposed to other kids with lice and have not gotten them since using this produces.

Leaves hair soft

I love how this conditioner is natural, so it doesn't have a bunch of chemicals in it making my daughters head burn or itch. It smells amazing as well, which isn't something you usually associate with lice repel. LiceLogic Repel Conditioner also leaves my daughters hair smelling amazing, thanks to the Lavender essential oil that is in it. So far, we haven't contacted any lice since using this product. I really hope this helps, because we need all the help we can get with my daughter starting school! I got this, the shampoo, and the hair spray for triple protection!

Sabrina B√°ez
I love it

Best product ever!

Diane Fisher
Good prevention

A must have for school age children


great the smell is amazing. I have used this user and they are great their products are amazing. I have inly had to use this once and then the problem is gone.