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Calming Kit

Our 3 Piece Lavender Calming Dog and Puppy Grooming Kit is infused with natural and calming Lavender Essential Oil which is known to relieve stress and provide a relaxing bath time experience for dogs and puppies of all breeds and sizes.

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Customer Reviews

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Jessica. Coreas
perfect for my dogs

It has a perfect scent and the hair of my dogs shines

Cleans the fur

I couldn't really smell the scent too much, which i was hoping i could. But it gets your pet clean so that's the most important thing

Susan Zhe
Does a GREAT job for my little puppy!

Love this product! My puppy‚s fur is so soft! She is part standard poodle and part mountain dog. Her coat is long and wavy. She loves to be outside and roll around in the snow, mud, dirt, whatever her little heart desires. Because of this, she gets very tangled. It was hard to brush her because she was so tangled and matted. First time I used these products, I was very surprised. They worked wonderfully! Tangles were so much easier to brush out! Happy doggie, happy dog mom!

Denney Oakes
Love These Products

I only use natural based products so decided to try Barklogic after reviewing the ingredients. Was looking for a full grooming experience for my Maltese. After using all 3, Our dog's coat was left shiny, silky and smelled very good. I didn't really buy for the calming effects, though I know lavender is good for calming, but bought for the smell and keeping our fur baby‚s coat and skin in good condition.

Tina Tredow
Keeps my dog relaxed during tubby time!

These products are perfect for my dog. Grateful the scent wasn't overpowering - I have a very large Alsatian so anything strong would have been A LOT for both of us. He enjoyed his bath, which is rare for him. Used the spray right after shampooing and conditioning, combed through his coat, and I don't think he's been this soft since he was a puppy. 10/10 would recommend and will buy again.