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BarkLogic Sensitive Skin 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo - Tangerine

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One Easy Step

  • Formulated With Tangerine Essential Oil For Dogs With Dry & Sensitive Skin
  • Easy And Gentle Sulfate Free Cleansing & Conditioning In One Quick And Easy Step
  • Infused With Vitamin E, Aloe, And Flaxseed With Omega 3
  • All BarkLogic Products Are Lovingly Crafted In The U.S.A., With Plant-Based Ingredients, And Are Never Tested On Animals.

BarkLogic Sensitive Skin 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo provides gentle cleansing and conditioning in one easy step for both dogs and puppies. Formulated for dogs of all breeds and sizes with sensitive and dry skin, this 2 in 1 will leave the coat clean, refreshed, and silky soft.

Our sulfate free dog shampoo plus conditioner is infused with natural tangerine essential oil known to be healing to the skin. This 2 in 1 formula also contains a powerful blend of soothing plant and mineral based botanicals, with Flaxseed, Aloe, and Vitamin E, to thoroughly cleanse and impart moisture to both the skin and coat. This Non-drying and non-stripping formula leaves no residue behind on the skin or dog fur. Recommended to be used in conjunction with BarkLogic Sensitive Skin Leave In Conditioning & Detangling Spray.

Does this both wash and condition my dog’s fur at the same time?

Yes this is a 2 in 1 sulfate free dog and puppy-safe shampoo plus conditioner so you do not need to use a conditioner with this product. Bath time is made quicker and easier with this one step process.

I am allergic to and dislike strong scents so I want to know if this scent lingers on the coat for a long time?

No it does not. All BarkLogic products are naturally and lightly scented with essential oils so the smell is not overpowering.


Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Sodium Methyl-2 Sulfolaurate, Disodium 2-Sulfolaurate, Cetyl Betaine, Cocamidopropylamine Oxide, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Gluconolactone, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe), Sodium Benzoate, Citrus Reticulata (Tangerine) Oil , Lauryl Lactyl Lactate, Glycerin, Linum Usitatissimum (Flaxseed), Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

How to Use

Apply generously to wet or damp coat. Massage thoroughly into fur to ensure total coverage. Add water as needed to create more lather. Rinse away completely with water when done.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If eye contact occurs, flush gently with water. If ingestion occurs seek medical attention immediately. Keep out of reach of babies, children and pets. If allergic reaction occurs cease use immediately and seek medical attention.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Yvonne H.
Using all natural

I liked it ,wish it would have left my Layla Skittle more soft

Excellent dog shampoo


Cleans, soothes & smells ?? yummy!

It's very nice to their tender skin and smells yummy. I have it delivered every other month.

Mark Berengut
Really good shampoo

this is a great dog shampoo. i was looking for a new one because the scent of the last one i was using got a little old, and this brand was recommended to me by a family member. i got the tangerine scent and was pleasantly surprised by how good it smelled. it made the dogs super soft and silky and fresh-smelling.

Excellent product

I love the way my six shih tzu dogs smell after their bath. I love that it leaves their coats shiny white and clean. I have been using it for many years now and i obviously love it.