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January 26, 2021
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February 24, 2021

TotLogic Shampoo & TotLogic Conditioner Two Piece Kit – Lavender Bliss

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See both the individual Totlogic Shampoo And Totlogic Conditionerproduct listings.

104 reviews for TotLogic Shampoo & TotLogic Conditioner Two Piece Kit – Lavender Bliss

  1. Gail H.

    I received my new TotLogic Sulfate Free Shampoo – 8 fl. oz- Naturally Scented. Ladies and gentlemen i wanted to try a shampoo that would not strip my hair from its natural essential oils and I think this might be it. Sulfate what is it? It is a type of anionic detergent found in personal care products such as shampoo, toothpaste, hair conditioners, soap, face wash, and body wash. What sulfate does is it weakens hair follicles and strips your hair of there natural oils making your hair brittle and prone to breakage. If you have dyed hair it will make it fade quicker to. There are benefits to using sulfate free shampoo. One, it reduces the chance of developing irritation or inflammation to your scalp. Two, it increases moisture retention within your hair. Three, retains hair color in dyed hair longer. Four, it does not strip your essential oils from your hair. Five, it prevents your scalp from absorbing harmful chemicals. You should note this shampoo does not lather up as much as with shampoo that contains the sulfate. However for me I have a sensitive scalp and my hair is dyed so this shampoo is better than the ones that contains sulfate. I would have to say if you have sensitive skin or your hair is dyed try giving this shampoo a try.

  2. Angela

    Great product. Works wonderfully on my granddaughters hair. We are very particular about what goes in and on her body. Love this

  3. Starling

    I really like this product. Mine has a very, very light lavendar scent and work beautifully on my daughters curly hair. She has not had any problems using this shampoo and I am thrilled with the cleaning quality of this product.

  4. Barbara R

    When I first received my TotLogic Sulfate Free Baby Wash by Logic Products I decided I would try it out myself first. I used the shampoo and I actually loved it. When I rinse my hair, I did purposely get a little bit in my eyes so that it would see if it would bother them and the product did not sting my eyes. I was very excited to receive this product and I used it already probably multiple times in my toddlers bath and there’s absolutely no issues with this product I love it. I would highly recommend TotLogic Sulfate Free Baby Wash by Logic Products.

  5. angelagail

    We do not use anything on my grandson that is not completely natural. HE is six months old and has never had cradle cap or dandruff that so many babies get. This Totlogic sulfate free baby shampoo and body soap os absolutely wonderful. Since its all natural there is no aroma or anything harmful. HIs parents love it!! I plan on buyng a few more bottles for Christmas so that thye don’t run out.

  6. Marylou Knapik

    Sudsy scented bliss! I was soothed, I was relaxed, and I was given soft hair!

  7. R. Houston

    If sulfates make your scalp itch and make you miserable, try this shampoo plus conditioner. It works!

  8. Your Mom

    Best out there. Don’t even bother looking somewhere else, i’ve tried them all… 🙂

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