LiceLogic Clear & Free All Purpose Lice Spray – Peppermint
LiceLogic Clear & Free All Purpose Lice Spray – Peppermint
January 26, 2021
LiceLogic Clear & Free Lice & Nit Eliminator Mousse_front
LiceLogic Clear & Free Lice & Nit Eliminator Mousse
January 26, 2021

LiceLogic Clear & Free Eliminator Nit Comb

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Lice comb

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  • Natural Lice Treatment & Prevention Using The Best Lice Comb. 
  • Our LiceLogic Clear & Free Eliminator Nit Comb is the #1 rated head lice and nit comb by headlice treatment salons, lice professionals and pediatricians.
  • Made with durable stainless steel micro-grooved teeth, and a grooved handle for the ultimate grip, our lice comb is designed to be reusable and last for years to come. A must have for every medicine cabinet!

LiceLogic Clear & Free Eliminator Nit Comb has taken the best attributes of the Terminator Nit Comb and the Licemeister Nit Comb and combined them into one, to create the most effective, most durable, and easy to use lice comb available around the world today.

The LiceLogic Clear & Free Eliminator Nit Comb is sturdy, eco-friendly and reusable after sterilization.

Should be used for headlice treatment and lice checks too. Our Nit Comb is an indispensable tool in natural lice treatment, lice prevention, and nit removal.

Recommended to be used in conjunction with our LiceLogic Clear & Free Shampoo, LiceLogic Hair Nit Spray, and LiceLogic Clear & Free Lice and Nit Eliminator Mousse.

Do I really need to use a lice comb?

  • Yes you do. Even when lice and nits are dead, they do not wash out of the hair. Nits are glued onto hair with nit glue, and the lice may be still attached to the hair.

How do I clean my nit comb?

We suggest using an old toothbrush to srcub out the nits and lice that are stuck between the teeth, and then soak the comb in hot soapy water for 10 – 15 minutes. If you still see lice and nits stuck in the nit comb, use dental floss or a flosser in between each tine.

No. Nit combing is required with a professional grade nit comb, also known as a lice comb. The best nit combs have stainless steel teeth that are very close together, designed to drag out lice and nits from the hair.

  • A thorough comb-out with a professional lice comb like our LiceLogic Clear & Free Eliminator Nit Comb is an absolute must, since even dead lice and nits do not simply wash out of the hair. Lice eggs are glued into the hair with nit glue. Headlice and lice eggs always need to be removed manually.
  • To hear from experts and learn the best lice removal techniques, please visit our Learn about Lice section for a wide assortment of helpful and informative videos, downloadable instructions, and expertise on how to use LiceLogic Clear & Free Shampoo and how to do a thorough lice removal comb out.


  • Our nit comb is designed to drag out even the smallest nits and lice from the hair.
  • The LiceLogic Eliminator comb is a must have to keep on hand for anyone with kids, and is reusable, durable, eco- friendly, and will last for years to come.

Our proprietary nit comb is made from PET plastic and stainless steel.

How To Use & Additional Info

Watch Our How-To Treat and Prevent Lice Videos

Gently place against the scalp at a 45 degree angle. Pull the nit comb through a section of hair, no wider than the nit comb, from root to tip, in one continuous motion to remove lice and nits. Wipe comb (both sides) on a damp white paper towel, and rinse in bowl of hot soap water. Repeat until entire head of hair is combed through, and all lice and nits are gone. Repeat daily until entire head lice infestation has been treated.

To hear from lice experts and to learn the best lice removal techniques, please visit our Learn about Lice section for a wide assortment of helpful and informative videos, downloadable instructions, and expertise on how to use LiceLogic Clear & Free Eliminator Nit Comb.

LiceLogic products are phthalate-free, DEA & PEG free, paraben-free, methylisothiazolinone & benzisothiazolinone free, and do not contain artificial colors or fragrances.

LiceLogic products are eco-friendly, biodegradable, have never been tested on animals, PETA approved and vegan, and are proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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41 reviews for LiceLogic Clear & Free Eliminator Nit Comb

  1. grizzlybear

    This is definitely the best lice comb on the market! I work at a summer camp, and this year my cabin of nine year old girls had a lice infestation. Sitting in the health center nearly half a day, I worked along side the nurses, combing out my girls’ hair. In my opinion, The Terminator was the best comb we used. We even started waiting turns to use it, instead of all the other combs on hand! It got more out in less time. My go to tool in times of lice emergencies!

  2. Laura P

    We had the worst time getting rid of lice permanently until I found the Terminator. (Gotta love the name!) The other lice combs are not as good as this one because I have found many of them break during combing and get bent out of shape. Well not this one. This comb does what it claims and can be reused. It has stood up to the test of 4 kids with lice. Lord I hope I never have to use it again but will hang onto it just in case.without this terminator nit comb we would probably still be fighting this awful lice battle.

  3. Lauren B. Eggers “Lauren”

    This will help rid your house of these vermin!

    The ultra long prongs are easy to work through any length of hair. The ultra tight comb will get every egg, but some how even works on my thick coarse hair. The rubberized grip allows you to use the comb with conditioner (I highly suggest doing it that way).

    It really is superior to any other available lice/nit comb.

  4. brandigunn

    This is a great comb – very sturdy with plenty of room for getting to the scalp through thick hair. My girls’ hair is long and curly and it does tend to get tangled up when using the comb – part of the shape of the comb tines. But it removes even the tiniest fleck of dander.

  5. Haider Qasim Hussein


  6. proudlymommy

    Bought this for a family member who was struggling with daunting task of keeping three girls lice free, I was told that this work marvelous, it combs out lice, lice eggs without hurting hairs at all, much better than using medicated shampoo. Teethes are deep to work with long hairs and built to last. Overall serves and purpose well and justifies its cost.

  7. Ed

    Good product!

  8. chartersmaclean

    It has great grip no matter how wet you get it and serrated teeth in the comb that doesn’t hurt the kids head. This comb is no joke. Got it on same day shipping to take care of our new found lice problem and it was impressive!

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