BarkLogic Clean & Clear 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner – Mint
January 26, 2021
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BarkLogic Aloe & Flaxseed Deodorizing Coat Spray – Lemon Tree
January 26, 2021

BarkLogic Aloe & Flaxseed 3 Product Kit – Your Dog Will Love This!

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Smelly Dog?

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Our 3 Piece Aloe & Flaxseed Deodorizing Grooming Set, for smelly and dirty dogs, is infused with Natural Lemon Peel Essential Oil and plant-based enzymes to break down and dissolve even the strongest odor causing molecules safely and naturally, while leaving behind a clean, odor free, and refreshed pup.

Consists of:

  • BarkLogic Aloe & Flaxseed Deodorizing Shampoo is a hypoallergenic sulfate free shampoo for dogs and puppies to naturally and gently deodorize and cleanse the fur, skin, and coat.
  • BarkLogic Aloe & Flaxseed Conditioner is infused with natural plant-based enzymes and is a dog and puppy safe conditioner which adds luster and shine to dog’s coat and fur, while conditioning and easing knots and tangles.
  • BarkLogic Aloe & Flaxseed Deodorizing Spray is perfect to effectively eliminate and destroy dog coat odors in between baths – anytime, anywhere. Simply spritz on dog or puppy fur to refresh, soften, and deodorize.

5 reviews for BarkLogic Aloe & Flaxseed 3 Product Kit – Your Dog Will Love This!

  1. Larry Campo

    Although I always use hypo allergenic products, my dog suffered from static electricity zaps during very long cold winter, especially when wearing cold weather jackets. I ignored the chemical recommendations like rubbing dryer sheets on my dog’s coat. I wanted a natural solution. I discovered BarkLogic and it was a hydration dream. I now use it year round with every wash. My mixed breed dog’s coat absorbs the moisture and actually works very well in cleaning out of the undercoat during the wash. Once rinsed out and dried, her coat is silky smooth. Less scratching too. No more static zaps. It’s like using hair conditioner and body moisturizer in one for people. The new puppy brother is also enjoying his washes with this product. I use my own products in self wash facilities for dogs that include supplies, and I will be bringing my BarkLogic when going to the groomer. I have never before used a conditioner with my other dogs; BarkLogic was the first dog conditioner I used and it works so well, I’m not interested in trying anything else, plus the spray is genius for quick deodorizing as needed- daily or weekly.

  2. Heath Mathias

    Love how this smells. We bathe our dogs as needed, but try not to overdo it, this is combo is great for mid-week or after a lot of play time and they start to stink a bit! I bought this to use on my Silky Terrier in case his long hair gets tangled in the bath. I ended up using it on my Chihuahua as well for the first time. Billie smells so good and her coat is soft and shiny. She is also prone to itching and this product helps. This is a great product! The scent is light and it leaves their coats soft and luminous. The spray is gentle. I couldn’t ask for more.

  3. Peggy M

    Perfect for me. The natural lemon scent is light enough for my sensitive nose. The product works as advertised. I have a curly Goldendoodle so it will always require “work” but this has made my life a little easier in order to keep her smelling sweet and clean

  4. Michael & Diana Spurgeon

    These deodorizing products helped remove the typical dirty dog smell from my energetic farm dogs who chase larger animals all day long. Does not irritate or dry the skin, so can bath them more frequently. Glad to find BarkLogic. It has been a blessing.

  5. Darla Simondale

    My dog gets really smelly and gross. It is his full time occupation. I really loved these 3 products. Solved the stink.
    Couldn’t ask for anything more. Will be a loyal customer.

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